What Is Spruce Links?

  • SpruceLinks is a one-stop communications hub that can be accessed via mobile app or web
  • SpruceLinks helps users rank, prioritize, analyze, and improve the quality and frequency of communications with their network across traditional and social channels
  • Users can use metrics like the SpruceScore and easy-to-use analytics to quickly provide insight and guidance on improving communication

Use Cases


Spruce automatically pulls all of your contacts, and all the ways to contact them neatly organized on your mobile. Imagine having Facebook, LinkedIn, phone, and email contact options listed per contact for all of your contacts – that’s consolidation!


Spruce allows you to easily create contact groups like "family", "college friends", "important clients", etc. - set communication goals for the contacts or contact groups that are most important to you. Now set goals to speak to your most important clients weekly or your best friend every 5 days.


Quickly analyze your communication across your entire network or just for individual contacts. Answer questions like what percent of your network do you communicate with consistently, how many of your contacts do you keep in touch with via phone vs. text message, is your communication in line with the clients who are also your greatest Salesforce opportunities, etc.